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from BrokenBeautiful Press

Summer of Our Lorde:

Because it is better to READ! This Summer BrokenBeautiful Press presents Summer of Our Lorde: Radical Study and Intentional Healing. Summer of our Lorde is a study group/community building project inspired by the work of black lesbian feminist mother warrior poet Audre Lorde. Read along!

Quirky Black Girls: Because Audre Lorde looks different in every picture ever taken of her. Because you make up your own meanings of “black” and “girl” every day by living. Make a profile, join the conversation and bask in the bright brilliance of Quirky Black Girl Productions!

Letters to Audre Lorde: Born in an Africana Women’s Studies course at Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, this is a love movement across space and time inspired by your favorite black lesbian feminist mother warrior poet.

Audre Lorde and Elizabeth

SPEAK: Action Alerts from Radical Women of Color Worldwide– Updated action alerts from Radical Women of Color all over the world. Get involved with announcements about direct actions as well as online mobilizations.

What it Look Like?! -The world we want is already here. Can you see it? Watch these inspiring videos of community in action and add a video that shows the beauty and brilliance of your community!

workin’ on it!

SpiritBloom: An Overflowing Space to Meditate on the Intersections of Religion, Spirituality and Progressive Organizing


Love Production: Sustainable Autonomous Youth-Led Community Building

(A Project of the International Black Youth Summit)


Kitchen Table: Women of Color Pressed to Express

–In honor of the radical feminists of color of the 1970-80’s this page features insight from misbehaving colored girls past and present.

bhopal image

Impulsive Acts: The Art of Community Healing

— Activities, Workshop Curriculums…choose your own anarchist moment of possibility.

pressed for knowledge

Photosynthetic Poetics: A virtual writing group!

Participate in weekly love letter exercises and read ours!


I am from NOW!: Building community by re-writing and re-writing one poem.

Heart Map

Where you at?

The Listening Project: A Poetics of Relation–A Visual Model of Learning as Love.

moment of arrival

To Be A Problem: Outcast Subjectivity and Black Literary Production A Free Online Course

to be a problem image

Such a F**king Problem: Conflict as a Point for Conversation

This site is an experiment in the possibility of self-expression without the safety of norms. Created by a decidedly UN-likeminded team of bloggers led by POMK, this site even has a space for you to deposit your ignorance! The perfectly imperfect place to practice your bravery. Start now!

Official Procrastination Stations:

BrokenBeautiful Press on Myspace!–You Know You Want to Be Friends With Us!

BrokenBeautiful Press on Facebook–Making Time to Procrastinate Since…

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What is Media? Love Letter to Transform Hip-Hop

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bell hooks says

Fierce critical interrogation is sometimes the only practice that can pierce the wall of denial consumers of images construct so as not to face that the real world of image-making is political - that politics of domination inform the way the vast majority of images we consume are constructed and marketed.

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 7, 2009 SPEAK! WOMEN OF COLOR MEDIA COLLECTIVE RELEASING SELF-TITLED DEBUT CD UNITED STATES — March 7, 2009– SPEAK! Women of Color Media Collective, a netroots coalition of women of color bloggers and media-makers, is debuting March 7, 2009 with a performance art CD, accompanied by a collaborative zine and classroom […]
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    Speak! Action Alerts from Radical Women of Color will be moving to a new location soon. You can visit the new Speak! website at, which features links and information about the Speak! CD. Action Alerts from Speak! are currently unavailable, but this post will update all current visitors with the new URL when it […]

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